The purpose of the Foundation is the preservation, conservation and pervasion of the cultural heritage of the cinematic and literary works of Werner Herzog for the general public in behoof of science, art and culture!

Tasks of the Foundation

  • Once a year the Foundation offers the Werner Herzog Film Award in cooperation with the Film Archive Munich. The award presentation ceremony will take place at the Film Archive in Munich and will be accompanied by a symposium. The award is meant for innovative works by filmmakers all around the world.

  • In the interest of the preservation, conservation and distribution of the cinematic and literary works of Werner Herzog, the Foundation will organize once a year a master class or work shop at the Film Archive Munich in the presence of Werner Herzog. The master class or work shop will last usually 1 to 2 days

  • The Film Archive will show films of Werner Herzog prior to these events.

  • The Foundation will organize other events and publications in connection with the works of Werner Herzog.

  • The Foundation will promote the world-wide non-commercial screenings of films by Werner Herzog, particularly at film archives, film schools and other cultural institutions. Included here is the non-commercial presentation at national and international film festivals.

  • The Foundation will take care of the preservation, the protection and the development of the film materials by appropriate storage and maintenance, including professional regeneration and processing of all such negative- and original materials.

  • The Foundation provides access to the works of Werner Herzog, particularly the photo materials, scripts, papers, articles and other such materials.

  • The Foundation engages in the set up and development of an archive of the cinematic and literary works of Werner Herzog in the form of audio as well as video, in written and/or electronic method including cataloguing of publications in connection with the work. The archive shall be generally accessible to the public.