May 2020 – News VI

Werner Herzog Filmstunden

From May 19, 2020, Filmmuseum München Online, in collaboration with the Werner Herzog Foundation, will show all four episodes of the “Filmstunden” that Werner Herzog held at the Viennale in 1991 for four days from Tuesday to Friday.

The four episodes consist of eight films by Werner Herzog, which were made during the time when Werner Herzog was president of the Viennale in Vienna when the film festival opened in 1991.

There are 8 “Filmstunden” in which Werner Herzog talks to a wide range of guests and discussion partners about film, filmmaking and astrophysics.



The series consists of 4 parts, which will be shown on the following dates:

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May 19 - 22 Filmlesson 1: Philippe Petit & Volker Schlöndorff

May 26 - 29 Filmlesson 2: Michael Kreihsl & Peter Turrini

June 02 - 05 Filmlesson 3: Kama Saiful Islam & Ryszard Kapuscinski

June 09 - 12 Filmlesson 4: Jeff Sheridan & Comments on filmmaking